The Preponderance of Words

Preponderance: Pre-pon-der-ance; noun \pri-ˈpän-d(ə-)rən(t)s\; a superiority in weight, power, importance, or strength.

A dog owns nothing, yet is seldom dissatisfied.

—Irish Proverb

The philosophy of one century is the common sense of the next.

—Henry Ward Beecher

He who gives what he would as readily throw away, gives without generosity; for the essence of generosity is in self-sacrifice.

—Henry Taylor

All perception of truth is the detection of an analogy we reason from our hands to our hand.

—Henry Thoreau

Truly great madness cannot be achieved without significant intelligence.

—Henrik Tikkanen

First weigh the considerations, then take the risks.

—Helmeth von Moltke

I think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense.

—Harold Kushner

In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always win not through strength but by perseverance.

—H. Browne

Crude classifications and false generalizations are the curse of the organized life.

—H. G. Wells

Who takes the shild by the hand takes the mother by the heart.

—German Proverb